Pretzel Update – June 2008

25 06 2008

Sorry I have been slacking off on the pretzel updates. I haven’t had the chance to eat as many pretzles as I would have liked.

More often than not, I will munch on a Super Pretzel. They are pretty good. I usually dip mine in spicy brown mustard.

I went to the movies at the Grove in Los Angeles and had a pretty good pretzel there. They take the pretzels out warm and then baste them with butter before adding the salt. I really like this method. I would have preferred some hot cheese to dip mine in, but alas, they don’t offer that.

Still, it was a really good pretzel.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Dibs commercial where the couple is playing horseshoes with their unwanted pretzels. I find this commercial unrealistic and offensive. Nothing against Dibs, I’m sure it’s a fine product, but to me, pretzels and ice cream are two entirely different markets.

One is sweet, one is salty. I prefer salty, so ice cream would never supplant the mighty pretzel in my heart and mind.

Don’t worry pretzels, you’ll always have a friend in me, even if I get diabetes.