Pretzel Update – June 2008

25 06 2008

Sorry I have been slacking off on the pretzel updates. I haven’t had the chance to eat as many pretzles as I would have liked.

More often than not, I will munch on a Super Pretzel. They are pretty good. I usually dip mine in spicy brown mustard.

I went to the movies at the Grove in Los Angeles and had a pretty good pretzel there. They take the pretzels out warm and then baste them with butter before adding the salt. I really like this method. I would have preferred some hot cheese to dip mine in, but alas, they don’t offer that.

Still, it was a really good pretzel.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Dibs commercial where the couple is playing horseshoes with their unwanted pretzels. I find this commercial unrealistic and offensive. Nothing against Dibs, I’m sure it’s a fine product, but to me, pretzels and ice cream are two entirely different markets.

One is sweet, one is salty. I prefer salty, so ice cream would never supplant the mighty pretzel in my heart and mind.

Don’t worry pretzels, you’ll always have a friend in me, even if I get diabetes.




One response

9 05 2010

First of all, a retreat from the pretzel domain is a retreat from all beauty in the world. Though the soft pretzels of ballparks and freezer aisles are the most decadent of the bunch, you are denying the kinetic omnipotence of the bready food stuffs. Fuck you if you say no. Turkey gravy chicken noodles of pretzelly glory will haunt your dreams. ❤ Tom

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