9/28/2007 – Wetzel’s

29 09 2007


Today, I went to the Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks and braved the after school crowd to get myself a pretzel.

Truth be told, it was my second trip to a mall that day. I had gone to the Grove earlier to browse the Apple Store but I didn’t have any cash and the Wetzel’s stand there didn’t seem to accept credit cards.

All they have there is a Wells Fargo machine and I didn’t feel like spending 16 dollars in fees to get at my own cash. But alas, the lure of the pretzel was too much for me to resist!

So, anyway, I decided to pay the Wetzel’s “near me” a visit. I put that in quotes because it’s actually a twenty minute trip with traffic and parking and whatnot. The world really needs more pretzel stands. I hope I don’t have to move to Germany to make this happen because I am against Nazi’s and all that they stand for and I hear that’s where that whole deal got started.

I arrive at the kiosk and I’m totally stoked that they accept cards, because I still haven’t gotten any cash. I’m looking over the menu, but there was no one in front of me and the lady behind the counter starts asking me what I wanted and I froze up.

I hadn’t been there in a while and even though I really wanted a garlic and parmesan pretzel, I didn’t see it in time, so I just ordered a regular pretzel, a jalapeno cheese sauce dip thing and a lemonaid. I guess it’s called a lemonaid combo.

I run back to my car and dig in. Boy, was it delicious! Soft and warm on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside. They seem to brush some sort of oil on the outside. It’s great! Even though it didn’t have a lot of salt on it, it was still pretty salty. I’m guessing their salt is just more concentrated than other places that water their salt down.

I would have liked to put some mustard on it, but I was in my car and I didn’t want to make a mess. The cheese sauce was good, but by the end, I was kind of sick of it. I should have just eaten it plain because it was tasty enough without any crap on it. Also, the lemonaid was delicious, I believe it is fresh squeezed.

All in all, I give this trip to Wetzel’s a 7.8 out of a possible 9.3!




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